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Chinese Charity Fair Brings Love Together

The 10th Chinese Charity Fair was held in Shenzhen Conventional Center on 15th September 2023. The three-day event attracted 5813 organizations, brands and projects to showcase their contributions to the field of charity work in China.


The Amity Foundation was proud to share our extensive work in education support, elderly care and services for people with disabilities at the Fair.


Staff and students from Amity’s Future Engineers Project showed off their immaculate skills through their wood and jade handicraft exhibition, an exemplary display of our commitment to encouraging professional development in young people.


As part of Amity’s initiative in increasing public awareness for elderly care, visitors were invited to participate in Amity’s booth games, completing tasks while wearing blurry goggles, thick gloves and headphones to simulate the day-to-day experiences of the elderly.


Amity Bakery also made a strong showing at our booth, with their hand-made products getting sold out in just half a day. With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, preorders for the Bakery’s mooncakes proved to be very popular amongst the event-goers.

The 3-day event allowed a myriad of different organizations and personnel to exchange valuable experiences, knowledge and ideas on improving the quality of China’s social work landscape.