Member of actalliance and ICVA
Member in special consultative status with ECOSOC, UN

Health Care

  • People riding bicycle during a AIDS/HIV awareness event
  • Village doctor of Amity's
  • Village doctor taking care of maternal women and newborns in impoversihed areas
  • Village doctors walking in local clothing vsiting villages improving maternal and child health
  • Amity staff participating in a public health discussion
  • Village doctor hiking in a mountanious area providing health care to remote villages

The program provides primary health care and related medical assistance to communities and HIV-positives and related people, improve public health and basic medical conditions, establish and enhance overall revitalization systems for underdeveloped communities, and improve health conditions of people. The program trains village doctors and builds village clinics.

Recent Developments:

Amity carried out 32 medical and health projects in 23 counties and cities in 10 provinces across the country, including maternal and infant nutrition support, pregnancy check, medical equipment support, clinic construction, community health care, medicine kits, health testing, medicine provision, HIV positive care, volunteers training, AIDS prevention for college students, and at-risk women relief, directly benefiting 700,000 people.

“Sprouts on Earth” program successfully created a “HOPE” model. Based on the three-level hospital network (H-hospital), the program receives support from local governments and organizations (O-organization) on policy and human resources, and from social organizations (P-philanthropy) on project planning, implementation and promotion, and raises funds via Taobao Charity Products platform (E-internet). In addition, the program started its on-chain charity journey on Alibaba’s blockchain platform.