Member of actalliance and ICVA
Member in special consultative status with ECOSOC, UN

Public Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • People riding bicycle during a AIDS/HIV awareness event
  • Village doctor of Amity's
  • Village doctor taking care of maternal women and newborns in impoversihed areas
  • Village doctors walking in local clothing vsiting villages improving maternal and child health
  • Amity staff participating in a public health discussion
  • Village doctor hiking in a mountanious area providing health care to remote villages

The program provides primary health care and related medical assistance to communities and HIV-positives and related people, improve public health and basic medical conditions, establish and enhance overall revitalization systems for underdeveloped communities, and improve health conditions of people. The program trains village doctors and builds village clinics.

Recent Developments:

In 2019, the team implemented 47 projects in 37 cities and counties in 15 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, focusing on mother and baby nutrition, health checkups, clinic building, community health care, caring kits, health tests, drug support, care for HIV-positives, and volunteer training, directly benefiting 410,000 people.


1. In April, jointly initiated by Amity and Alibaba Charity, the kickoff meeting of “Sprouts on Earth” project which focuses on maternal and child nutrition in underdeveloped areas was held in Kunming. The project expects to spend at least RMB 60 million within three years and provide poor maternal women and newborns with continuous and in-depth services such as pregnancy check-up, nutritional support, growth monitoring and health education. The project aims to reduce maternal and child health risks, improve overall population quality, enhance health service capacity and ultimately promote the sustainable development of rural revitalization. Up to now, the project has provided basic public health support for approximately 469,000 women of childbearing age in seven counties of four provinces to ensure the quality of our population in the early stages of life. In December, blockchain technology was introduced and applied in the project. This “on-chain model”, built in an innovative way, will encourage public communication and engagement, in an aim to expand project impact and credibility.

2. In September, the “Rural Medical Support” project jointly initiated by Amity and Alibaba Charity was officially launched. By building village clinics and equipping health centers and clinics with medical equipment, the project intends to structure rural community health care systems. As of the end of 2019, the project covered Gansu, Guizhou and Hunan provinces, and has received over RMB 11 million donations from Alibaba charity products. The project is expected to benefit 374,600 people.

3. Amity cooperated with social organizations to carry out online and offline interactions to help create a friendly environment for AIDS prevention.


"To empower women and children; to save the weak and the sick; and to share healthy lives."