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Living Water Campaign

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The Act for Living Water campaign aims to raise public awareness of the global water crisis and encourages people to take action, to help to improve the water and sanitation situations in poor areas. With the global epidemic raging, the needs for safe drinking water and sanitation in poor areas require extra attention. The fund raised in 2020 is used for communities in need in Nepal, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, to build water and sanitation facilities, to improve the health and living conditions, as well as supporting awareness education on water conservation and environmental protection. The Act for Living Water project started in 2010.

The Walk for Living Water is an annual walkathon of the Project. Since 2010, we have been working closely with governments, partner institutions, social organizations, and corporations in conducting lectures and activities for young people, spreading the message of the importance of a correct attitude on water saving and sustainable development, as well as providing financial support for water resource and health work in China and around the world. The Walk for Living Water is held every year and has raised more than HKD 4.7 million. With the funds, the Amity Foundation has built 30 water and sanitation facilities for villages and schools in Nepal, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Mainland China.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, and to minimize the risks of COVID-19 infection through close contacts, instead of gathering walkers together at the same venue, the event in 2021 encouraged participants to conduct their own walks at a safe time and place of their choice.

SDG6 Clean Water and SanitationSDG10 Reduced InequalitiesSDG11 Sustainable Cities and CommunitiesSDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production