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2022 Pakistan Floods Relief Project

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Climate Crisis brings Deadly Floods

The People of Pakistan need Your Help!

Since June 2022, Pakistan has experienced severe monsoon weather leading to widespread flooding and landslides, the latest in a series of large-scale natural disasters brought on by climate change. To date, one-third of the country is submerged underwater, leaving its people in dire circumstances. As of mid September, over 1500 people including many children have died. More than 500,000 homes were destroyed leaving many displaced.

Commuters travel through rain waters following rains and floods during the monsoon season in Jacobabad Pakistan August 30 2022. REUTERS Akhtar SoomroEvacuees have been forced to settle in poor conditions, with many contracting malaria and dengue fever. As water levels remain high, resources such as shelter, food, clean water, clothes, medicine and mosquito nets are urgently needed. Further support such as health and safeguarding services are required to help Pakistan rebuild in the wake of the ordeal.



On 16 September 2022, ACT Alliance released an official appeal outlining the response strategy to be carried out in Pakistan, with the following target outcomes:

  1. Flood affected communities have access to food, non-food, health, winterization items, and Wash services appropriate and relevant to their immediate needs and ensuring safeguarding and protection through capacity building of humanitarian actors working with the flood affected communities.
  2. Flood affected communities have access to emergency/primary health care services through static health units.
  3. Flood affected communities are capacitated on flood resilient shelter reconstruction and communal/ institutional WASH infrastructure for restoration of basic needs of water and sanitation and ensure information sharing and coordination among the aid agencies.
  4. Flood affected communities can meet their essential needs of the flood affected communities through provision of cash for work.

Full details of the ACT Alliance Appeal, as well as guidelines for donating directly to ACT Alliance, can be found here.


Men walk through rain waters following rains and floods during the monsoon season in Jacobabad Pakistan August 30 2022. REUTERS Akhtar Soomro 02

As a founding member of the ACT Alliance, the Amity Foundation is responding to these targeted needs in partnership with Community World Service Asia (CWSA). You can help bring much-needed aid for the people of Pakistan by directly supporting ACT Alliance’s appeal or donating to Amity via this page. You can also contribute through Amity Foundation HK’s Alipay appeal page by scanning the QR Code below. Your kind donation will support short- and long-term relief operations for the people of Pakistan.

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