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Solar Power for Education

Two girls holding their solar power station in their hands
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In remote and mountainous regions of the western plateau, students have to study under candlelight or with oil lamps due to lack of electricity. Such weak light not only affects the children’s learning efficiency but also can harm the development of the children’s vision. The Amity Foundation provides photovoltaic lighting systems for them to improve their situation. The cost of one photovoltaic power station is 230 RMB or 34 USD. Amity delivers simple and practical photovoltaic power supplies and lamps to the students in the western mountainous areas. The supplies are easy to use, portable, including fold-able solar panels, mobile power supplies, bulb lights and LED folding lights. It can be carried in a school bag, charged by the sun during the day, and used at night. The solar system provided by Amity has a high energy conversion rate, it is safe and pollution-free, and effectively solves the problem of insufficient power supply and lighting in the provinces of the western plateau.

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