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Service for the Elderly

  • Amity staff of and an elderly in wheelchair enjoying the garden of Amity's elderly home
  • Amity staff of Amity's elderly care center interacting with an elderly resident
  • Elderly at Amity's elderly home celebrating a birthday party
  • Elderly showing their handicrafts in a group photo after a community activity
  • Volunteer assisting an elderly with having a meal
  • Group photo of Amity leadership and honorary guests on the stage of Amity's 5th International Conference on Senior Services
  • Elderly playing outdoor sports at Amity's elderly home
  • Staff of Amity's elderly home doing gymnastics on the playground of Amity's Qixia Elderly Home

Amity’s elderly care has the vision to care for others’ elder as your own, with the mission of abundant lives through social service, and the target of outstanding governance, service, and branding. Amity International Philanthropy Valley, a joint project initiated by Amity Foundation and the Civil Affairs Bureau of Qixia District, Nanjing, provides care services for the elderly. It aims to establish model bases for the care of the elderly, based on which Amity also supports philanthropic entrepreneurship and NGO development, provides charity and social service training, facilitates exchanges between volunteers at home and abroad, and organizes international philanthropy-themed forums.

Recent Developments:

In 2019, Amity provided nearly 20 types of services including food support, bath support, school support, medical care, elderly entertainment, cleaning service, shopping service, emergency support, chatting service, visits, rehabilitation nursing, daycare, spiritual comfort, family care, benefiting nearly 400,000 people. It carried out a series of activities themed “Taking Elderly to Visit Nursing Homes”, including eight training sessions and 10 salon sessions, and callings for 100 elderly living alone every day to ensure the safety of the elderly at home. Volunteer teams continued to expand, with 350 volunteers on elderly service, benefiting more than 120,000 people in the year.


1. Amity Rengu Elderly Care Co., Ltd. was incorporated with a capital of RMB 20 million. Amity established a strategic direction on the development of both elderly service and elderly industry, with a focus on building embedded service stations in communities – the Amity Station.

2. The team carried out home-based elderly care services in 18 communities of Qixia and Gulou districts, including five 4A-level home-based sites and three 3A-level home-based sites, and successfully upgraded one 4A-level site and one 5A-level site, expanded five new home-based sites. In addition, five nursing sites and one comprehensive nursing center were newly established and four home-based sites had their environment upgraded.

3. Mobile application “E Care Home” APP was put into use in Xigang Sub-district. An attempt of “market + Internet” was made.

4. In Yunan Road home-based elderly service site, 30 families had been provided with home-based services. The team worked with the Community Health Service Center of Nanjing University and the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital, to provide on-site medical care services for the elderly. During the process, 15 helpers were recruited and a combination of government subsidies and self-payment were adopted to achieve a win-win situation among organizations, elderly and helpers.


"To provide institution-based, community-based and home-based service for the elderly and combine nursing with rehabilitation and hospital care. We have been dedicated to creating an all-round philanthropic entity."