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Service for the Elderly and People with Disabilities

  • Amity staff of and an elderly in wheelchair enjoying the garden of Amity's elderly home
  • Amity staff of Amity's elderly care center interacting with an elderly resident
  • Elderly at Amity's elderly home celebrating a birthday party
  • Elderly showing their handicrafts in a group photo after a community activity
  • Volunteer assisting an elderly with having a meal
  • Group photo of Amity leadership and honorary guests on the stage of Amity's 5th International Conference on Senior Services
  • Elderly playing outdoor sports at Amity's elderly home
  • Staff of Amity's elderly home doing gymnastics on the playground of Amity's Qixia Elderly Home

Amity’s elderly care has the vision to care for others’ elder as your own, with the mission of abundant lives through social service, and the target of outstanding governance, service, and branding. Amity International Philanthropy Valley, a joint project initiated by Amity Foundation and the Civil Affairs Bureau of Qixia District, Nanjing, provides care services for the elderly. It aims to establish model centers for the care of the elderly, based on which Amity also supports philanthropic entrepreneurship and NGO development, provides charity and social service training, facilitates exchanges between volunteers at home and abroad, and organizes international philanthropy-themed forums.

Recent Developments:

Amity continues to improve the quality of elderly care services with an aim for excellent governance, service, and brand. For institution-based elderly care service, 256 elderly people are supported. For home-based elderly care service, our service covers 22 communities of eight streets in Qixia, Gulou and Yuhua districts. With the guidance of “14 assistance + personalized” services, we have 5,465 elderly members, of which 3,708 received visiting service. Amity’s “Caring E-Home” APP has been upgraded to improve practical functions such as movement monitoring, health indicator monitoring, order placement, and online payment. The Qixia Home for the Elderly operated by Amity won the title of “Entity of the Year – Respect for the Elderly” in 2020.

Amity carried out a number of exchange activities including the Shaanxi Elderly Home Dean Training, Amity Elderly Home Dean Training, the Sixth Amity International Elderly Service Seminar, and Shaanxi Health and Elderly Summit, to actively improve the professional level of elderly service practitioners, facilitate the development of elderly care services.

Amity provides nursing, care and supported employment services to 62 people with disabilities in Nanjing. Through Tencent, Gulou District Venture Philanthropy, company donations and other channels, RMB 224,551.34 was raised for service for people with disabilities. In addition, five college volunteer teams were aligned and devoted to the service.

Amity serves 82 children aged 0-14 with autism or learning and developmental disabilities. During the epidemic, Amity implemented online teaching with 368 teaching and 2,297 instruction videos being held. The produced videos minimized the impact of the epidemic on the rehabilitation process. At the end of 2020, the new site of Amity Child Development Center was launched.

Throughout the year, Amity provides employment, internship and training opportunities for 48 people with mental disabilities in Nanjing, Kunshan and Wuxi. Amity Bakery has upgraded its online sales channels, exploring group purchase in more than 10 local communities in Nanjing. Due to Amity’s continuous promotion of the social inclusion of people with mental disabilities, Amity Bakery was selected as Responsible Charity Project of the Year by, and once again won the title of “Charity Lighthouse Award” issued by Youzan Online Store. In 2020, Amity Bakery (Wuxi) and the second chain store in Kunshan opened.

Amity cooperated with over 30 public welfare care centers and special education schools across the country to carry out over 60 projects for the challenged. Under the support of Amity, 219 children stayed with foster families, and some of them were further provided with meals. 27 “Amity Grandmothers” participated in Amity’s service for the special children, and more than 100 special young people received school learning or vocational training opportunities under Amity programs. Moreover, Amity cooperated with seven special education schools to carry out inclusive education for children with hearing and visual difficulties, as well as provided trainings for teachers of preschool inclusive education and seminars for deaf-related preschool inclusive education. Furthermore, Amity initiated in Jiangxi a cooperative program to construct “Growth Centers for Students with Special Needs” to include students with different difficulties, carried out sign language classes and social inclusive activities among universities and communities in Jiangsu; opened the “Culture Studio for the Hearing Impaired” in Anhui; and cooperated with special education schools in Guizhou and Sichuan to carry out “Vocational Training for Youth with Disabilities”.


"To practice institution-based, community-based and home-based service for the elderly and combine nursing with rehabilitation and hospital care. We are dedicated to carrying out holistic, full-course, and all-round services and creating a model elderly care entity."