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Shanghai Rende Foundation was registered with the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau on December 9, 2011. Our mission is to serve society, benefit the people, promote innovation, and build harmony. We are determined to become a recognized public fundraising foundation by providing support for civil philanthropy, promoting innovation, and contributing to the sector development.

Recent Developments:

Bearing Amity’s mission and goals in mind, Shanghai Rende Foundation steadily extended its undertakings by internal management and team culture building, amidst the development and changes of the social and political environment in 2019. As of December 2019, Rende’s annual income reached RMB 61.87 million, with direct beneficiaries reaching 286,393.


1. Taking Shanghai as a base, Rende Foundation continuously improves its flagship projects. Under cooperation with online platforms such as Alipay Charity, Tencent Charity, Meituan Charity, JD Charity, and Qing Song Chou Charity, Rende Foundation supported more than 200 NGOs on 341 projects totally for online fundraising. Projects on education support, aid for serious illnesses, service for the challenged, service for the elderly, targeted rural revitalization, social services, advocacy and many other areas were supported. In addition, self-owned flagship projects were developed, such as the projects on children and adolescence “Making Stars Better”, “Let me hear your love” and “Helping poor students”.

2. In addition to online resources, Rende Foundation actively expanded its offline resources by cooperating with companies, enterprise foundations and community foundations. For example, Rende cooperated with Sinic Foundation to hold the second “Love in Community – Open Day for Community Foundation”, supporting the online fundraising for 23 community foundations in Shanghai to carry out 27 projects. Rende’s professionalism was well recognized by corporations and communities.

3. Rende Foundation actively participated in targeted overall revitalization work. With RMB 4.07 million raised, Rende Foundation is committed to the overall improvement of targeted areas of Shanghai to carry out 28 projects and benefit 65,388 people.