Member of actalliance and ICVA
Member in special consultative status with ECOSOC, UN

Our Culture

Six Cs, three hearts 三心, three strengths 三力
Photo of dancing and performing women of a women's association in traditional clothing in Amity's community development program in Yunnan Province


of Three Participations
  • Beneficiaries

  • Experts

  • Local governments

Three parties participate in planning, implementation and evaluation to provide integrated and localized development.

Doctors giving free consultations to eldery


of Three Shares
  • Beneficiaries

  • The Amity Foundation

  • Local governments

Three project stakeholders share the costs and the labor of the projects to ensure sustainability and accountability.

A photo of a school hall of about 600 volunteers and donors of Amity's Living Water Program


of Three Benefits
  • Economic

  • Social

  • Ecological

Three objectives are taken into account to benefit economic, social, and ecological spheres and handle conflicting goals.

Water tank truck delievers water during drought in Ethiopia


博爱心 Compassion
事业心 Commitment
进取心 Competence
沟通力 Communication
合作力 Cooperation
创新力 Creativity


Six Cs, three hearts 三心, three strengths 三力

We are committed to empower through a culture of six C’s
or three hearts 三心 and three strengths 三力.
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