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Internet Philanthropy

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Amity Foundation has taken an active part in promoting the development of online charity with an open, inclusive, interconnecting, and crossover network thinking since 2007. It has established stable and good cooperation with a number of charity platforms such as Tencent, Alipay, Ant Financial, JD and Baidu, etc. By making use of Internet technology, Amity converges and integrates resources, aiming at building and innovating a new communication and fundraising pattern which is unique and fit for its continued development. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the Internet industry, Amity Foundation announced on January 5, 2016, to found Amity Way. It is a crowdfunding team specialized in encouraging and helping the grassroots social service organizations and community service programs with linkage to main online platforms and launching the public crowdfunding projects in the way of Internet crowdfunding.

Recent Developments:

Up to now, Amity has established important cooperation with more than ten open platforms including Tencent Charity, Alipay Charity, Water Drop Fundraising, Ease Fundraising,, Taobao Charity, Sina Micro Charity, Meituan Charity, Didi Charity, Xinhua Charity, Suning Charity, JD Charity, and Baidu Charity. Amity is dedicated to providing differentiated services for partners at different development stages and with different characteristics, with an aim to help partners grow together with Amity. Throughout 2019, total fundraising through the Internet exceeded RMB 180 million.


1. During 99 Giving Days of 2019, Amity united 330 organizations and raised RMB 67.72 million in donations, ranking 10th among foundations entitled to raise fund publically in China. Relying on the A+ Partner Capacity Building Camp as a resource center, Amity carried out a total of 30 training and sharing sessions, growing together with partners. According to statistics, the fundraising capacity of NPO partners who cooperated with Amity increased by 15% on average compared with 2018, and the number of NPO partners that cooperated with Amity for 3 consecutive years increased by 68%.

2. Amity developed even closer cooperation with Alibaba Charity. Merchants on Alibaba platform supported “Sprouts on Earth” and “Rural Medical Support” in line with rural revitalization via charity products. As a new strategic project in cooperation with the Alibaba Alleviation Fund, “Rural Medical Support” aims to build village clinics and provide medical equipment for poor areas with poor medical conditions. After four months of fundraising, Rural Medical Support raised nearly RMB 10 million, which was intended to help hundreds of thousands of villagers in three underdeveloped counties in Gansu, Hunan, and Guizhou provinces. This also represents the first in-depth cooperation between Amity and Alibaba Alleviation Fund.

3. Apart from online resources, Amity actively explored its offline resources, by initiating a number of philanthropic innovation programs to promote both fundraising and publicity. For example, in early 2019, Amity cooperated with the State Grid Jiangsu Branch to support the “Photovoltaic Power Plant in Schoolbag” project by encouraging users to donate their electricity credits, which received wide public participation. For another example, before 99 Giving Day, Amity cooperated with Amity Bakery on creative promotion of angel investors and received over RMB 300,000 in a short time.

4. For the strategic project “Sprouts on Earth”, all Amity colleagues work together. In April, the project kick-off meeting was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province. In July, Amity and team of Alibaba Alleviation Fund visited the Rangtang County in Sichuan Province. In December, Amity, media and Alibaba Public Relations visited the Honghe project area and discussed the blockchain plans with Ant Financial blockchain team. The blockchain solution on Sprouts on Earth is expected to become the first flagship project integrating with the blockchain technology for philanthropy.


"To advocate connectivity and provide all-round support for grassroots social organizations."

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