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  • Amity parter is giving handicraft workshops to people with disabilities
  • Let's Enjoy Charity Together activities during Tencent 99 Giving Day
  • Group photo of participants of the second Amity A+ Partner Capacity Building Camp

Amity Foundation has taken an active part in promoting the development of online charity with an open, inclusive, interconnecting, and crossover network thinking since 2007. It has established stable and good cooperation with a number of charity platforms such as Tencent, Alipay, Ant Financial, JD and Baidu, etc. By making use of Internet technology, Amity converges and integrates resources, aiming at building and innovating a new communication and fundraising pattern which is unique and fit for its continued development. In order to adapt to the rapid development of the Internet industry, Amity Foundation announced on January 5, 2016, to found Amity Way. It is a crowdfunding team specialized in encouraging and helping the grassroots social service organizations and community service programs with linkage to main online platforms and launching the public crowdfunding projects in the way of Internet crowdfunding.

Recent Developments:

Throughout the year, Amity cooperated with 269 partners and carried out Internet fundraising on Tencent Charity and Alipay Charity Platforms for 462 projects. During Tencent “99 Giving Day”, Amity launched 343 charity projects with 232 organizations, raising RMB 66.85 million from 1.05 million donors. In addition, Amity actively cooperated with new platforms such as State Grid E-Commerce and Bank of China Shanyuan for charity fundraising, and signed another three-year cooperation memorandum with UNHCR.

Raised over RMB 56 million around the three series of flagship projects, including Featured Projects, Amity Alliance Plan, and Amity Stream Monthly Donation Program. Actively explored various forms of fundraising on Internet platforms such as “live broadcast fundraising” and “fan charity”. Through Amity Stream Monthly Donation Program, 20 organizations were supported to carry out monthly donations.

Undertook the parallel forum “How to do a good job in fundraising and publicity on 99 Philanthropy Days” under the 2020 China Internet Philanthropy Summit, and held the 3rd Amity A+ Partner Capacity Building Camp online.


"Amity advocates internet connectivity and provides partners with fundraising, institutional management, and capacity building to jointly promote the third sector."

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