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  • World Council of Christian's General Secretary Rev Dr Olav Fykse Tveit visited Amity HK
  • Amity Hong Kong provides disaster relief in Nepal
  • Amity Walk for Living Water kick of ceremony woth hundreds of volunteers in a school hall
  • HK volunteer gives training for the University for Girls program on the Mainland

Amity Foundation Hong Kong Office was established in 1985. As Amity’s first “window” overseas, Amity Hong Kong Office, based on its overseas liaison work, gradually established new positioning for publicity, fundraising, and public education in Hong Kong. Amity Foundation Hong Kong raises funds to support social development in China and around the world. Amity HK provides funding in major natural disaster relief and reconstruction efforts in China’s mainland and other countries and regions. Amity HK helps to build a rural drinking water system and support schoolchildren’s health. In addition, we provide funding and training for college girl students living in poverty in Guizhou Province. Furthermore, we are involved in the reconstruction of rural schools and the construction of village clinics.

2021 Amity HK Projects Summary (Chinese)

Recent Developments:

As the number of Covid-19 cases started increasing world-wide in February, Amity Foundation (Hong Kong) (“AFHK”) received donations of more than HKD 400,000 from our long-term partners for purchase medical supplies for Chinese hospitals at the height of the Pandemic. AFHK also worked with our local partner Transform Nepal in Nepal in supplying food packages of love consisting of rice and lentils for 1,446 people from 263 households, tiding them over food shortage arising from the Pandemic.

In response to an unprecedented cold spell with historically low temperatures in Nepal, AFHK raised HKD 100,000 and provided blankets to 650 of the most needy families.

With the sudden surge of torrential rain unprecedented in many provinces on the Mainland since end of May, AFHK, swinging in action to support our Nanjing Headquarters, successfully applied for an aggregate amount of HKD 7,999,000 (approximately RMB 7,084,872.8) in three applications from the Disaster Relief Fund Committee of the HK SAR for timely relief.

The Living Water Project, when the annual event Walk for Living Water was prohibited given its involvement of large crowds, was decided to be arranged as a “virtual” event. Ultimately, more than 200 walkers were involved and HKD 410,000 had been raised to enable us to build sustainable water supply or sanitation systems in communities of Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

AFHK applied to the DRF for a grant of HKD 525,000 and was thus able to, together with KAISA in the Philippines, bring humanitarian aid in the combination of Bottled water, Rice, Assorted Canned Food, Instant Noodles, benefitting 2,200 Filipino families affected by Typhoon Vamco. In addition, under efforts from AFHK and partners, more than HKD 125,000 was collected to purchase relief aid for typhoon victims in the Philippines further away.

In addition to our loyal fans, AFHK continued to attract new donors in Hong Kong, in an effort to support Orphan Fostering Program, Breakthrough Project, University for Girls Project and other projects on education and orphans.