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Religion-based Philanthropy and Sector Research

  • Group photo of participants of the Amity Summer Academy for Diaconia in front of the Nanjing Union Seminary
  • Church members holding up signs advocating for enviromental protection
  • Elderly receiving medical counseling by doctors during a church organized community activity
  • Interfaith prayer for peace among Catholics, Protestant, Buddhist, Taoist and Muslim spiritual leaders
  • inter-religious workshop for social services with participants of all official religions of China

As a faith-based social organization, Amity Foundation encourages Christians to participate in social work under the Christian belief of “love”, to support the development of church-run social service, and to promote capabilities for social service by churches. On the other hand, Amity is committed to building a platform for charitable cooperation among religions, exploring ways to develop faith-based charity work, and making capacity building for religion-based philanthropy, with an aim to promote the healthy development of this field.

Recent Developments:

As a faith-based organization, Amity encourages Christians to participate in social services and supports church-run social service work, to contribute to the development of our society. Amity is also committed to building a platform for faith-based charity cooperation, exploring the path for religion-based philanthropy development, and promoting a healthy development of religion and philanthropy.


1. Working closely with local churches, Amity drove its flagship projects and responded to the needs of surrounding areas by focusing on the development of special funds. Among those funds, Amity Spring Rain Charity Fund dedicated to a number of fields such as rural revitalization, education support, family care for the left-behind, and medical assistance in addition to supporting the church’s social service capacity building. It is particularly worth mentioning the “Bright Operation” carried out in cooperation with the Aier Foundation. This three-year operation, with a total fund of RMB 6 million, provides free eye surgery such as cataract removal for those in need. Up to now, more than 1,600 villagers have undergone eye examinations, and 208 patients have undergone cataract and pterygium surgery. Amity Rose Charity Fund, while developing itself, promoted the “Ark Home” project to provide accommodation, diet, consultation, psychological care and other supportive services for children with cancer during medical treatment. Currently, the project is being carried out in Shanghai and Luzhou.

2. Amity Social Service Network carried out a series of programs to help elderly care service providers to improve their comprehensive capabilities. In particular, training on practical skills for elderly service was held in Nanjing, attracting 70 participants across the country. Moreover, the 3rd Cross-Strait Religion and Philanthropy Forum was held to promote in-depth exchanges across the strait on elderly care, service for the challenged, social service innovation and other fields.

3. Amity cooperated with Fang Yao Zhou Health Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to carry out the Ark Dorcas Hospice Care project, which for the first time covered urban community services instead of focusing only on rural communities as before. While providing practical services, Amity invited well-known experts at home and abroad to give 13 lectures on the theme of “Caring for the Most Important Person in Your Life”.

4. With the support of Qiu Zhonghui, Chair of the Board, Amity cooperated with Nanjing Union Theological Seminary and Jiangsu Theological Seminary to give out courses on diaconia work, aiming to help students understand the importance of diaconia work from the aspects of theories and practices.

5. The work of social services is rooted in the community and requires the participation of grassroots forces. Throughout the year, 24 capacity building training courses for church social service volunteers were held in churches and Christian Councils of 20 cities in six provinces, with more than 1,500 volunteers participating in the training courses.

6. Focusing on sector development and key working areas, Amity carried out onsite research, policy research, case study, teaching, etc., to promote the value and meaning of Amity’s work for the sector’s capacity building. Moreover, Amity conducted in-depth research on religion and philanthropy and social organization building, which provided research reports and consultation advice for institutional growth and sector development. Amity completed the Report on China’s Religion and Philanthropy Development, a special report for the Blue Book of Philanthropy. This is the third consecutive year that Amity worked on reports for the blue book. The report presented the situation of foundations with religious backgrounds in the mainland and provided information for sector research.

7. Amity assisted in completing the application work of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference on “Research on Measures to Encourage and Regulate Private Forces to Engage in Elderly Services”. Amity also made a number of model case studies including for the credit of Advanced Organization for Poverty Alleviation in Ethnic Minority Areas across the Country, for Targeted Poverty Alleviation by the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, and for Globalization Exploration of China NGO Network for International Exchanges.


"To encourage the religious circles to get involved in charity and to facilitate mutual understanding and integration among different religions, or between religious circles and all sectors of society."

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