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NGO Development

  • A community charity bazar organized by Amity's NGO development center
  • Joint event organized at a social organization center runned by Amity
  • People with disabilities organizing a cultural group performance
  • Amity staff attends a social organization awareness event
  • Group photo of a charity event organized by community groups

Based on the NGO development centers and community governance practice, Amity is devoted to building up platforms for sector advocacy and standards establishment, resource support, and community service to provide comprehensive support from the aspects of organization building, philanthropy talents development, and policy environment building. Through projects, we organize and call for the involvement of community residents and NGOs in community affairs. Apart from meeting all kinds of needs from residents, we helped build communities where every member could participate in community building and community governance through discussions and involvement. Amity incubates and supports hundreds of NGOs and operates and supervises charity funds for various projects.

Recent Developments:

2019 is the tenth year of Amity’s NGO development work. Over the past ten years, built on its NGO development bases and community governance platforms, the team created four platforms including sector advocacy, resource support, NGO development and community services. Comprehensive supports were provided in respect of organizational building, talent training and policy environment construction. Amity NGO Development Center has developed from an explorer on constructing a hub into a supporter that assists in the transfer of government functions to facilitate sector development. In 2019, in the context of social governance promoted by the Chinese government, Amity continued to support community governance capacity building by operating platforms, integrating resources, improving capacity, practicing governance and researching and advocating.


1. Based on key cities in the Yangtze River Delta including Nanjing, Nantong, Kunshan and Wuxi, the team provided 720 social organizations with services including but not limited to capacity building, hardware support, resource linking, platform set-up, tailored counseling, which brought the team high recognition in the sector.

2. In 2019, Amity NGO Development Center (the “Center”) worked on building and operating hub platforms for social organizations of city, district and street level in different regions. Throughout the year, the center operated a total of seven platforms, including one city-level, three district-level and three street-level platforms, of which platforms for Guli Sub-district of Nanjing and the city of Nantong are new centers this year.

3. The team included the improvement of the governance capabilities by participants into our capacity-building curriculum. In 2019, the Center continued its training project for potential leaders of social organizations, cooperated with Jiangsu Women’s Federation to develop female talents training programs. Throughout the year, the Center has provided over 30 trainings, directly benefiting over 2,000 people.

4. The Center assisted government authorities in sorting out two catalogs for government purchases of services and social needs based on hubs. Total resources of government public welfare planned and managed by Amity reached over RMB 19 million throughout the year. Partnership building remained as one of the key work. By joint development of flagship projects and joint formation of funds, the Center initiated online and offline fundraising for more than 50 social organizations, with more than RMB 8 million raised. Through the management of public welfare resources for the government, the Center helped the government improve the accuracy and standardization of the use of public welfare resources while improving our ability to provide professional services, which in turn will promote a better environment and a more sustainable development of our philanthropic undertakings.

5. Flagship projects of the Center such as “A Reading Corner”, “Magic Healing Package”, “Elderly University” and “Elderly Spiritual Care” received support from companies and the government, solved the problem of the communities and had good demonstration effects.

6. Kunshan NGO Development Center implemented 15 projects throughout the year, identified and located social organizations with over RMB 1 million resources, serving more than 120 social organizations, carrying out more than 100 social organization capacity building services, and providing over 50,000 times of direct community governance services. The Center won 10 awards in 2019 and was credited as a 5A-level social organization, becoming the first 5A-level social organization in Kunshan city.

7. In terms of research, the team reviewed and analyzed the development of supporting industries on the basis of its practice. With the help of scholars from Nanjing University, the team compiled and published the “Report on the Development of Supporting Social Organizations”.


"Taking “government guidance, social participation and independent operation” as the principles, Amity leverages on the advantages of government, enterprises and professional social organizations and is dedicated to incubating and serving all kinds of social organizations."