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Sector Development

  • A community charity bazar organized by Amity's NGO development center
  • Joint event organized at a social organization center runned by Amity
  • People with disabilities organizing a cultural group performance
  • Amity staff attends a social organization awareness event
  • Group photo of a charity event organized by community groups

Based on the NGO development centers and community governance practice, Amity is devoted to building up platforms for sector advocacy and standards establishment, resource support, and community service to provide comprehensive support from the aspects of organization building, philanthropy talents development, and policy environment building. Through projects, we organize and call for the involvement of community residents and NGOs in community affairs. Apart from meeting all kinds of needs from residents, we helped build communities where every member could participate in community building and community governance through discussions and involvement. Amity incubates and supports hundreds of NGOs and operates and supervises charity funds for various projects.

Recent Developments:

Amity Foundation undertook the 2020 Jiangsu Provincial CPPCC research project “Policy Research on Encouraging and Regulating Social Forces to Engage in Elderly Care Services”, and established a research team led by Chair of the Board Qiu Zhonghui and Vice Chair Gu Chuanyong. The research report was determined by the Provincial Political Consultative Conference as a major annual research achievement, included in the speech materials for the Standing Committee meeting, and submitted to the provincial government as a reference for formulating the “14th Five-Year Plan”.

Amity completed industry research reports including “Research on Measures to Encourage and Regulate Social Organizations to Engage in Elderly Care Services”, and “Cultivation of Farmer as a Development Subject – Organizational Practice Exploration of Rural Revitalization”. In addition, Amity planned and organized 10 sessions of “Anti-COVID · Love · Hope” cloud art healing experience activities to provide psychological support for practitioners and volunteers participating in the anti-COVID fight. Amity held 11 sessions of “Chuan Yi Salon”, attracting more than 1,100 participants in total. Amity planned the “Chuan Yi Works” (Selected Works of Contemporary Chinese Charity Practitioners), and officially published the first essay collection.

Amity Foundation was invited to participate in the 8th China Charity Fair. Chair of the Board Qiu Zhonghui delivered a speech at the seminar on “Social Innovation in the Post-Poverty Alleviation Era” and shared Amity’s experience at the “United Nations Special Consultative Status Application Training”. Amity Foundation participated in the 2nd Jiangsu Charity Forum and the 2020 Provincial Social Organization Exhibition and Exchange Meeting. Secretary-General Ling Chunxiang was invited to attend the “Social Organizations Helping Poverty Alleviation” sub-forum, and delivered a keynote speech entitled “The Practical Road of Amity Helping Poverty Alleviation”.

Amity NGO development work covers Nanjing, Nantong, Wuxi and Kunshan with construction and operation of the social organization hub platforms: Nanjing Qixia District Center and Jiangbei District Center managed RMB 13.2 million government charity resources and monitored, managed and evaluated 178 district-level charity projects. Nantong Center successfully registered as a city-level NGO development Center and assisted the government in planning over 300 venture philanthropy projects. Wuxi Center cooperated with Huishan Civil Affairs Bureau, Disabled Persons’ Federation and Yixing Civil Affairs Bureau to manage nearly 100 projects. Kunshan Center implemented 29 projects throughout the year, directly serving more than 50,000 people, managing nearly RMB 12 million government resources, and operating 4 district and town-level charity workshops by which Amity guided over 60 social organizations on the planning of over 100 projects, and provided more than 300 capacity building trainings.


"Taking 'government guidance, social participation and independent operation' as the principles, Amity leverages on the advantages of government, enterprises and professional social organizations and is dedicated to incubating and serving all kinds of social organizations."

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