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Brand Promotion

  • Amity philanthropy advertisements in central business districts of Shanghai and Nanjing
  • Visitors and Amity staff in a group photo in front of the Amity HQ during the open day for Amity's 34th anniversary
  • Amity booth promoting Amity's work at the Shenzen charity fair

Amity has established systematic dissemination and promotion process on its projects through we-media and social media. We have formed long-term and stable cooperation with mainstream media in China. On the other hand, we continue our efforts in research and advocacy by carrying out researches in different fields such as water resources, biogas, disaster relief, elderly care, and NGO development, and further sharing our research results through seminars and other means. We believe this will enable a healthy and sustainable development of China’s philanthropy sector.

Recent Developments:

Throughout the year, Amity compiled reports with more than 330,000 words, filmed and produced 108 videos, and published 1,500 articles on Amity project information on Amity’s own media platforms. Amity carried out 12 live-streaming activities, including “99 Giving Day” and “I Love My Hometown”, with more than 250,000 views. In addition, Amity also joined hands with media to plan special reports on rare disease, elderly care service and other areas, which were read by more than 76 million people. During the Tencent “99 Giving Day”, Amity created a series of videos named “Teacher Feifei Talk Show on 99”, building an Amity IP to interpret platform rules, which was widely welcomed.

Nearly 400 companies made donation to Amity, of which 15 companies donated an amount of over RMB 500,000. Over the year, Amity held 57 charity activities such as the “Story of Time – Amity Volunteers Carnival”, “Amity Cup” Table Tennis Game, “Warm Winter Action”, “Love Crossing 2000 Kilometers”, and “My Kindergarten and I”. With effective integration among Amity project teams, Amity Bakery, Amity Home of Blessings and other entities, Amity planned and organized a series of charity activities such as “Comfortable Summer” to enhance the participation of companies and the public in charity.

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