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Brand Promotion

  • Amity philanthropy advertisements in central business districts of Shanghai and Nanjing
  • Visitors and Amity staff in a group photo in front of the Amity HQ during the open day for Amity's 34th anniversary
  • Amity booth promoting Amity's work at the Shenzen charity fair

Amity has established systematic dissemination and promotion process on its projects through we-media and social media. We have formed long-term and stable cooperation with mainstream media in China. On the other hand, we continue our efforts in research and advocacy by carrying out researches in different fields such as water resources, biogas, disaster relief, elderly care, and NGO development, and further sharing our research results through seminars and other means. We believe this will enable a healthy and sustainable development of China’s philanthropy sector.

Recent Developments:

With teamwork, Amity, via social media platforms and traditional media, actively linked companies,
universities and individual volunteers to expand the influence and reputation of Amity brands. In the year of 2019, a total of more than 400,000 words were composed for articles and reports which were reported and shared by major mainstream media for more than 13,000 times. Over 100 companies
from various industries were engaged in Amity events and about 100 offline charity events were held, which attracted participation by over 70,000 volunteers.


1. Offline cross-sector attempts to surge public participation in charity, such as “Sports + Charity”, “Culture + Charity”, “Education + Charity”, “Business Circle + Charity”. For instance, under the guidance of the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Federation, Amity joined hands with Jiangsu Table Tennis Association and Jiangsu Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd., to hold the second “Amity Cup” Table Tennis philanthropic competition in October. It was a continuation of the first competition, and also a creation of a new model of “Sports + Charity”. Projects supported by the competition covered a number of underdeveloped areas including target areas supported by Jiangsu as Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture and Xiewei Village in Shuyang County of Jiangsu Province. Amity provided table tennis facilities for six schools, three-year subsidies for 18 orphans, vocational training and supportive employment for 30 people with mental difficulties, and visits for 25 veterans. Furthermore, Amity firmly interacted with Nanjing’s business circle to hold a number of events, including “Angel’s Wish” with Deji Plaza, “Volunteers’ Carnival” with Hexi GE`World, and “Taste Love” with Wonder City, in order to promote cross-sector cooperation and Amity brand.

2. Amity gave highlights on its major events: the launch of “Sprouts on Earth” strategic project in April; the “Rural Revitalization” Innovation Summit in August; the 99 Giving Day in September; the “Amity Cup” Table Tennis Game in October; and the 200 millionth Bible celebration in November. For each event, 20 media outlets were invited on average to make reports and advertising resources were sought to expose as much as possible.

3. During its cooperation with companies, Amity sticks to its mission in mind. We provide overall solutions with tailored projects for companies, aiming for a win-win brand building outcome and to build a volunteer culture. In 2019, Amity has established partnership with Huatai Securities, Suning, AIA, Ford (Nanjing), AO Smith and other world-renowned companies.

4. Being audience-oriented, Amity continued to work on the “Amity Stories” while creating a new column “Amitypedia” to promote both science and practice in Amity’s publications to further extend values for Amity brand.

5. Amity actively linked with mainstream media. In March, a story of Amity Bakery reported by, when post on Weibo, soon attracted mainstream media including People’s Daily and CCTV News and was widely shared. It received around 13 million clicks during 3 days. “The Light”
Project by Amity and Ergeng Public Welfare made stories of over 30 common people in different occupations into short videos and distributed them among 30 Amity project schools in four provinces. At the same time, Amity supported a series of sharing and interactive activities around youth empowering. Over 50,000 young students participated, minds opened and dreams widened. As a media supporter, Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television Convergence Media News Center supported
the project.

6. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Amity organized a series of activities such as singing for our motherland, with thousands of people from over 60 organizations/groups from 11 provinces participating. Amity also planned an open day for the public to visit, communicate with and interact with Amity staff, promoting our work.

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