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Amity and Partners hold Workshop on Water Safety and Children Development

On 19th April 2023, the Amity Foundation and the Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAACR) jointly held a workshop on Water Safety and Children Development in Nairobi, Kenya. Over 40 representatives from more than 30 local social organizations in Kenya attended the workshop, with partners from Hong Kong, China and Cambodia participating online.

Zheng Wei, Assistant to the General Secretary of Amity Foundation, gave an overview of the International Living Water Project under Amity’s “Living Water Campaign (LWC)” that was launched in Nairobi on 18th April, citing Kenya as a new starting point for the LWC to advocate for and tackle the global water crisis. She further emphasized the importance of the LWC in providing children in underdeveloped areas with access to clean drinking water and better environmental and hygiene facilities, thus enabling their healthy growth and development.

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In his keynote address, Executive Director of the KAACR Timothy Ekesa described the serious water crisis in Kenya. He emphasized that a significant proportion of the population still lack access to basic sanitation and clean drinking water in urban slums and rural areas, seriously impacting the development of children’s health, education and other aspects. To this end, Mr. Ekesa looks forward to working with Amity to promote access to clean water and sanitation for more children through this workshop and in the future.

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Qian Xiaofeng, Senior Director of Regional Development of Amity Foundation, cited the World Water Development Report released by the United Nations in 2024, stating that about half of the world’s population is still facing severe water scarcity particularly in Africa. Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is a child’s right and essential to their well-being. In 2017, Amity Foundation began implementing water projects in Africa under the LWC and has since expanded to several developing countries. She hopes that Amity will join hands with more forces in the future to help achieve the goal of “leaving no one behind”, and ensure healthy develop for children around the world.

Tong Su, Project Director of Amity Foundation (Hong Kong), shared the fundraising, publicity and advocacy activities of the Living Water Campaign in Hong Kong over the years, as well as the implementation of its water projects across the globe.  Thay Bone, Director General of Living With Dignity, also gave a presentation of the LWC’s work in Cambodia, while representatives of local Kenyan organizations such as Dream Building Service Association and Kenya Works made keynote speeches on their extensive work in Kenya.

The workshop facilitated meaningful international discussion of practical experiences, challenges and difficulties on the topic of Water Safety and Child Development.  Participants were able to discuss strategies on promoting the Global Development Initiative and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with the fervent commitment to working together to create a world where no child is left behind.

Since 2010, The Amity Foundation’s Living Water Campaign has been raising public awareness of the global water crisis and helping to implement water projects in countries such as Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Kenya. In line with the principles of the Belt and Road Initiative, Amity continues to reach out globally in hopes of creating a better shared future for all.