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Member in special consultative status with ECOSOC, UN

Guangzhou Philantrophy Development Center, Logo

  • Amity's chairman Mr. Qiu Zhonghui talking during a panel discussion
  • Group photo during a training for online fundraising

In June 2016, Guangzhou Amity Philanthropy Development Center, initiated by Amity Foundation, was officially established. The Center is committed to meeting the needs of NGO development and establishing a resource-sharing platform to provide support for NGOs. We also provide management, training, and consulting services on philanthropy activities and projects. Since its inception, the Center has assisted social organizations in raising funds through the Internet, and organizes capacity building training for social organizations.

Recent Developments:

Throughout the year, Amity supported 59 partners on fundraising for 83 projects on Tencent Charity, Alipay Charity, Taobao Charity, and Lingxi platforms. Total amount raised reached RMB 21.28 million. During the “99 Giving Day”, 25 “Citywide Appealing for Charity” projects mobilized 240,000 people to participate and raised a total of RMB 10.64 million. In terms of government purchase, Amity was awarded the title of Outstanding Organizer for the Venture Philanthropy Project Competition in Panyu District of Guangzhou.

Throughout the year, Amity provided professional trainings to 1,039 organizations, benefiting 1,799 participants. Amity, together with Lingxi platform, initiated six online monthly donation training courses for 2 weeks to help social organizations build a monthly donation system.