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(World Water Day)號召珍惜水資源而舉辦。




Amity Walk for Living Water 2021

The Walk for Living Water 2021 is responding to UN World Water Day’s call for public awareness and tangible action.

For the 11th Walk this year, Amity HK and the Water Supplies Department are co-organizing the Walk for Living Water event again, to raise awareness of the water crisis among the public, and to fundraise for the needy people to improve their access to clean water and sanitation facilities.

You and your friends are the masters to decide the date, time and place for your Walk!


How to participate



Soft copy of the Participation Certificates will be e-mailed to registered e-mail addresses of the eligible participants in June 2021.

All prizes and souvenirs will be ready to be collected after July 2021.


大會捐款平台將在活動結束後3個月內維持開放。歡迎慷慨捐款,支持 「活水行動」

Become a fundraiser

Be a Fundraiser

Besides registering as one of the walkers, you could also start your own

“My Fundraiser” project, to raise extra donations to support our work.

Set up your fundraising page and share it with your friends and families on social media platforms.

Become a fundraiser





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About Amity Living Water Campaign

The Living Water Campaign started in 2010, aiming to raise public awareness on the global water crisis, and to encourage people to make actions and help improving the water and sanitation situations in poor areas.

How the funds will be used?

With the global epidemic raging, the needs of safe drinking water and sanitation in poor areas require extra attention. The fund raised is going to be used in needy areas in Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Philippines and other parts of the world to build water and sanitation facilities, to improve the health and living conditions, as well as supporting awareness education on water conservation and environmental protection. So far, the Campaign has successfully built 30 water and sanitation facilities for villages and schools, benefitting more than 15,000 people.

Event Enquiry: 2723 8011



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Voices of the Stakeholders

If you want to support the Amity Walk for Living Water Campaign 2021 you may also consider a donation!