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June 2024 South China Flood Relief News Update

In June 2024, southern China saw unprecedented levels of downpours leading to severe flooding across many provinces. Amity took immediate action, dispatching rescue teams to Guangdong, Guangxi and Fujian on 17 June 2024.

[Rescue and relief efforts across south China are ongoing. This page will be updated with the latest news.]

Fujian Province


Heavy rains have destroyed many of the mountain roads leading to Zhongdu township and caused power and water shortage in the area. In spite of this, Amity-supported rescue teams arrived on 18 June, providing timely aid to those affected and delivering supplies of 65 boxes of bread, 4,800 bottles of drinking water, 200 cartons of milk and 200 boxes of mixed-grain porridge to 5 of the most severely flooded villages in the township. On 19 June, an additional shipment of 36,000 bottles of drinking water arrived at the township. On the same day, Amity purchased 4000 packages of food supplies containing 10kg of rice and 5L cooking oil, which reached Zhongdu in 2 installments on 20 and 22 June.


On 22 June, 100 kits containing spades, straw hats, boots and gloves were sent to Zhongdu, addressing the frontline need for equipment to clear the roads of debris. Additionally, 15 portable power generators were sent to villages in Shanghang and Wuping, where power outage issues are yet to be fully resolved. 30 sets of cotton blankets, sheet covers and pillows were delivered to a hospital in Xikou township to ease its operation in the midst of rebuilding.


As of 23 June, Amity continues to support public sanitation operations in Zhongdu in the wake of the floods. Amity is also rolling out spending vouchers worth RMB200 to affected families with elderly or infant members to meet their personalized needs.

Guangdong Province


Rescue teams arrived by helicopter in the villages of Wengui, Mulian and Daxin on 18 June, commencing rescue operations and supply delivery.

Guangxi Province


Around 50 trapped citizens were successfully rescued by boat in Liuzhou City on June 18. Local organizations supported by Amity, such as the Lantian Rescue Services Centre, helped establish temporary traffic control measures, escorting countless citizens to safety.

On 20 June, Lantian staff assisted the local government in delivering over 1000 supply kits by boat to schools, factories and villages across the province.