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2023 Syria Earthquake Emergency Response

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Earthquake-Stricken Syria Needs Your Help


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The 7.8-magnitude earthquake and aftershocks that struck Türkiye and Syria in February 2023 have caused widespread devastation and affected over 5 million people across the country. The Syrian population was already deeply affected by the ongoing war and the economic collapse of the country and now, many people must deal with being displaced, losing their livelihood, and fighting the harsh winter conditions.

[UPDATE 10/04/2023] Two months after the earthquake, ACT Alliance members continue to provide aid to stricken regions. GOPA-DERD is providing psychological first aid to children, while HEKS-EPER is helping restore food security to the region through rebuilding local bakeries.

GOPA DERD psychological first aid recreational activities 1

(photo credit: GOPA-DERD)

HEKS EPER Dayr Hafir Bakery Civil Works

(photo credit: HEKS/EPER)


[UPDATE 08/03/2023] The Middle East Council of Churches is being involved in the relief and rehabilitation efforts in Syria under the name of “Rescue Syria Campaign” . As of 8th March, MECC has distributed 250 blankets to 83 displaced families from Aleppo, with more distribution sessions to be held. Read MECC’s full March update here.


(photo credit: MECC)


(photo credit: MECC)


Countless buildings were destroyed in the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes (Photo: MECC)


Displaced families gather in a shelter, awaiting much needed humanitarian aid and supplies (Photo: MECC)

The severe earthquakes have destroyed the existing rudimentary roadworks that were strained under the civil war. This drastically hindered humanitarian aid from reaching the most seriously affected areas. Over 4.4 million people in northwest Syria are in need of assistance, living in overcrowded camps that lack access to basic services. The ACT Alliance immediately released an appeal pertaining to the disaster. Since then, the ACT Alliance members GOPA-DERD, MECC, Christian Aid, HEKS have been participating extensively in needs assessments, rescue operations, offering shelter, distributing food, winterization and medical aid to the homeless survivors.

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ACT member MECC providing mattresses and blankets, as well as hot meals, to affected families. (Photo: MECC)

GD2 350x233 1

Staff from ACT member GOPA-DERD conducting damage assessment in the wake of the earthquakes. (Photo: GOPA-DERD)


As a funding member of the ACT Alliance, the Amity Foundation has been actively raising funds to support these and future humanitarian operations. You can help bring much-needed aid for the people of Syria by donating to Amity through the “DONATE NOW” button at the top of this page or via our general donations page. For offline donations, please download and fill out this donation form. You can also contribute through Amity Foundation HK’s Alipay appeal page for Syria by scanning the QR Code below.

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[Banner photo credit: Reuters]