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Amity Torch Program Facilitates Online Exchange between Chinese and Cambodian Students

On 15th December 2021, Amity Foundation and international partner Life With Dignity (LWD) held an online student exchange event, between HKSKH Bishop Hall Jubilee School (Hong Kong) and Yuthithor Primary School (Cambodia). During the event, students and teachers from both schools engaged in online sharing regarding Amity’s “Amity Torch Program”. HKSKH Bishop Hall Jubilee School donated HKD 36,000 to Amity in support of the project.

The theme of the exchange event was “solar power and our shared future”. According to representatives from Yuthitor Primary School, their campus is located far away from commercial electrical grids, resulting in a constant lack of power supply. In addition, the school lacks adequate teaching staff and materials, causing the school’s academic standards to fall behind the national average. Remedial classes at night can only be carried out under candlelight. Therefore, the school and the local community especially require aid in improving their power supply.

Stundents in a HK school communicating with Cambodian students in front of a projector screen

HKSKH Bishop Hall Jubilee School recently became the first school in HK to install a large solar power system on their campus as part of their efforts in reducing emissions and protecting the environment. As concepts of sustainable development are incorporated into the school’s curriculum, students and teachers alike have a deep understanding of the benefits of solar energy and how solar power systems operate.

In the hour-long exchange, students from Hong Kong answered questions from the children of Cambodia about their daily lives and learning environment. In return, the HK students learned about the dreams and aspirations of Cambodian children, as well as their pastimes outside of school.

Cambodian stundets participating in the townhall in their classroom

The Yuthithor Primary School is located in the Battambang region of Cambodia. After a thorough analysis of the school’s needs, Amity has committed to installing solar panels at the school as a means of power generation, thereby improving the learning and living environment of the students and teachers.

After learning of the difficulties faced by Yuthithor, HKSKH Bishop Hall Jubilee School donated HKD 36,000 to support Amity’s project. Work on the project is expected to conclude in the first half of 2022. At the event, Suon Sopheap, an executive director of LWD, expressed his thanks to the Chinese government and Amity Foundation. He believes that solar power will bring hope and light to the children, families and communities of rural Cambodia, stating that these changes will improve the educational standards of Cambodia and change the future of the local children. Lily Wong, principal of HKSKH Bishop Hall Jubilee School, said that the event was interesting, meaningful, and enjoyable to all involved, and hopes to see more opportunities for similar events in the future. Finally, she anticipates the possibility of the students on both sides meeting in person once the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

HK students participating in the townhall

At the end of the event, the students from both schools exchanged Christmas and New Year’s blessings. Amity Foundation will continue to support such international exchanges, promoting and encouraging mutual understanding and cooperation between young people across the world.

The Amity Torch Program includes projects such as international educational development, and green campus projects. To date, the program has provided scholarship support, social development, and solar power facilities to poverty-stricken countries in Asia and Africa including Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.