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Annual Report 2020 published

The English version of Amity’s Annual Report 2020 is published. The year 2020 was heavily shaped by the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic. In response to COVID-19, Amity raised over RMB 84 million in cash and in-kind to provide support to nearly 20 cities and regions in China and over 30 countries and regions around the world. Amity’s Covid-19 relief work made up 22%, the largest part of its 2020 expenditures. The pandemic in China was mainly brought under control in 2020 and Amity was able to resume its regular development work.

In their message of 2020, Chair of the Board Qiu Zhonghui and General Secretary Ling Chunxiang pointed out the increasing inequality in the world and the approaching target date to reach the sustainable development goals:

The shadow of the pandemic is still casting over the world, not only threatening the health of human beings but also shaping our world drastically in all aspects including economy and lifestyle, causing even greater differences between the rich and the poor. While combating the virus, our world is only nine years from achieving 17 SDG goals in 2030 when we envision that no one will be left behind from the overall development of the world.

During 99 Giving Day, Amity united 232 organizations to raise RMB 66.85 million, ranking 8th among foundations with public fundraising qualifications in the country. Donations in 2020 came to 45.65% by individuals and 43.95% from corporates.

More information, figures, milestones, and project reports are exposed in Amity’s Annual Report 2020, which can be accessed and downloaded here.