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Amity Outlook (No.33) cover. Children from the countryside looking into the camera with trees behind them

Rural Revitalization is the theme of the latest Amity Outlook

“People-oriented has always been Amity’s principle in its work. During the implementation, Amity cares about the development of physical health, the upgrade of ideas and concepts, the improvement of education, as well as the master of technical skills for beneficiaries. In Amity’s opinion, by achieving a better self, we will have a better family, a better community, a better village, and a better society. In this issue of Amity Outlook, let us walk into Amity’s 30 years of poverty relief work, a “road of spiritual revitalization” with pains and tears but no regrets,” says Amity’s General Secretary Ling Chunxiang about the latest issue of Amity Outlook.