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Board of Directors meeting discuss Amity’s future work

On April 29, the 10th meeting of the Amity Foundation’s third board of directors was held in Nanjing. More than 20 leaders, consultants, directors, supervisors and senior Amity staff attended the meeting. Chair of the Board, Mr Qiu Zhonghui presided over the meeting.

General-Secretary Ling Chunxiang pointed out in her 2020 work report the overall good results of Amity’s fundraising work despite the difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic. Online fundraising and corporate funding continued to increase and Amity ranked 8th among all public fundraising organizations during the 99 Giving Days. Moreover, Amity won several public and private awards over the last year, including the title “National Charity Model”.

For the 2021 planning, General Secretary Ling Chunxiang pointed out future work areas aligned with China’s national strategy, which includes rural revitalization, social governance, internationalization, industrial ecological construction, and strengthening Amity’s institutional capacity.

Board directors draw attention to new opportunities for integrated development in the Yangtse River Delta region, which covers the three provinces of Jiangsu, Anhui, and Zhejiang as well as the city of Shanghai and to contribute to the integrated development of philanthropy in the region.

In current complex and fast changing local and international environments, the Board of Directors, encouraged Amity to play to its traditional strengths and continue working on rural revitalization, elderly care and to promote internationalization.

The directors gave high recognition to the achievement by Amity in 2020. Looking forward to the new year, Amity should combine solidarity and innovation, find a good balance between “fast” and “stable”, and keep on the scientific and pragmatic work methods.

Group photo of participantof Amity's 10th Board Meeting