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Debbie and the Bishop of Diocese of Toungoo standing in front of the new sanitation facilities built by Amity's water program

A special Walk for Amity’s Living Water challenge

This is the story of Amity’s staunch supporter and friend Debbie from the UK who replied to our call to action. Debbie lived in Hong Kong between 2007-2020 and during that time visited Myanmar on several occasions, teaching English for up to 8 weeks at a time, so she has got to know the local people of the Diocese of Toungoo very well.

When Debbie heard of the good deeds of supporting WASH facilities in Myanmar, she set herself the ambitious target of walking 160km in one month, which she called the 250,000 steps challenge.

Besides giving herself the good purpose to go on a physical and psychological healthy endeavor, and explore the beauty of her local community during the restrictions of the Covid-19 pandemic, Debbie also reached out to her friends.

She not only encouraged and convinced her mum and friends to embark on this meaningful journey and join the challenge but also collected donations for the people in need in Myanmar.

By email, Debbie kept her friends up to date and shared her milestones to rally them on. In the end Debbie accomplished 307,950 steps, 123% of her initial target, which is nearly the distance of walking from Yangon to Toungoo itself!

Debbie during her walkathon challenge with as SDG logo and her certification as a super walker

When I took on this original target, I really wasn’t sure that I would achieve it but knew it would stretch me! It has been great fun exploring my local village (Hatfield Broad Oak) and finding more public footpaths. And naturally, I’m going to try and keep my daily steps up in the future…

Debbie and her friends raised around £1,500 for Amity’s Living Water projects.

Congratulations to Debbie’s stunning success and a big “thank you” in the name of the communities in Myanmar whom the funds will benefit!

*** The Walk for Living Water 2021 raised so far about 280,000 HKD to support water projects in Myanmar and in other countries of South-East Asia. You can support Amity’s work bringing water and sanitation to communities in need: ***

***The result of the Walk for Living Water 2021 is ready now. Click here to check***

Debbie sent us some beautiful pictures she took during her Walk for Living Water walkathon challenge raising funds for water projects in Myanmar

Debbie also participated in Amity’s Water Townhall, reconnecting with partners and friends in Myanmar

On March 22 to April 22, the second virtual Amity Walk for Living Water took place. Amity’s Walk for Living Water is an annual fundraising walkathon of Amity’s Living Water Campaign. With the funds of the Walk for Living Water, the Amity Foundation has built 30 water and sanitation (“WASH”) facilities for villages and schools in Nepal, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Mainland China. With the global epidemic raging, the needs for safe drinking water and sanitation in poor areas require extra attention. In the second year of the pandemic, the Amity Foundation invited people from all over the world to join our virtual Walk and address this issue.