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Students playing in front of the newly built restroom facilities

Amity and CSR partner support rural hygiene with WASH project

On April 20, the Amity Foundation and its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner tesa celebrated the construction of new sanitation facilities for Maipo Village Primary School. Funded by tesa Greater China, the Amity Foundation replaced the old sanitation facilities of the primary school, which lacked modern and healthy hygienic standards. The newly built sanitation building will support 373 primary students in providing sufficient daily hygiene.

Before (old and dirty) and after (modern and hygenic) pictures of the school's toilets
The old toilets and washing facilities (on the left) were replaced with modern toilets and hand basins (on the right) that ensure hygienic modern standards

The ceremony was attended by local officials, Amity representatives and volunteers of tesa enterprise. In order to support the development of good hygiene habits, the volunteers gave training sessions at the school and reminded the kids about the importance of personal hygiene habits and awareness.

Amity’s rural WASH program has rebuilt or renovated more than 800 environmentally friendly school sanitation facilities in rural and remote areas of China over the last decades. The program that mainly supports rural schools in Ningxia, Gansu, and Shanxi province aligns with the national Green Education initiative, of the year 2019. The initiative aims to enhance the environmental awareness of the next generation.

Amity’s program enhances general health awareness and education among children in rural areas and rebuilds and renovates sanitation facilities, which include modern toilets, hand basins, toilets, and septic tanks.