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Amity launches Charity Calligraphy and Painting Institute

The Amity Foundation has founded the Amity Charity Calligraphy and Painting Institute. On 28 May, Amity celebrated the opening of an art and charity institute with an unveiling ceremony and its first painting and calligraphy exhibition in Nanjing. The event was attended by various nation-wide well-known artists and provincial officials. The calligraphy and painting exhibition also displayed paintings from children from Amity project areas. During the event, a new special fund between Amity and Zhu Yaokui, a famous Chinese artist, was established. The fund aims to promote cultural development and education in mountainous regions of China.

Mr. Qiu Zhonghui, Chair of the Board of the Amity Foundation, said that the Institute will connect artists and art communities with charity. Through artists exchanges, art trainings and charity auctions, the Institute will combine traditional Chinese culture with charity.

At present, the Amity Charity Calligraphy and Painting Institute has calligraphers and painters from nine Chinese provinces. In the future, the Institute hopes to attract more artists from all over the country, organize overseas non-governmental exchanges and further promote Chinese traditional art and combine it with Amity’s social development projects.