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Messages from Myanmar – Amity HK Hosts Bishop in Cultural Exchange Events

The Amity Foundation was delighted to welcome the Right Reverend Dr. Saw Shee Sho, Bishop of the Toungoo Diocese (The Church of the Province of Myanmar) on his visit to HK from 19th to 24th October 2023.

Bishop Sheesho 2022

Bishop Saw, a long-time friend of Amity and collaborator with Amity’s Living Water Campaign (“LWC”) in Myanmar, leads 25 parishes spread across the country. Since 2019, he has helped oversee the implementation of the Campaign’s projects, including the installation of tube wells, water tanks, toilets, taps and pipelines in rural areas of Myanmar. In his tenure the Bishop has tirelessly seen to the needs of his diocese through natural disasters, the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest, at times taking it upon himself to personally deliver relief supplies through perilous conditions.

At the invitation of Amity HK and the St. John’s Cathedral Youth Ministry, Bishop Saw spoke at the “Hope in the Darkness” event on 20th October 2023, sharing the plight of his country with the younger generation of Hong Kong. The event was well attended in person by youth members of the Ministry and online by patrons of Amity, many of whom were inspired to advocate and act for the needy after hearing the Bishop’s story.

YM 1


Ever enthusiastic about educating and encouraging young people to act for good, Bishop Saw went on to speak at an exchange event held at SKH All Saints Middle School (“ASMS”). Following a brief overview of the LWC by Amity’s representative, the inquisitive students of ASMS took the initiative to interview the Bishop about the livelihood of the people of Myanmar and challenges they face. They were particularly eager to learn about the impact that the LWC’s projects have made on the local community.

Drawing from his rich experience, Bishop Saw linked Myanmar’s dependence on agriculture to the importance of LWC, explaining how the Campaign’s projects enable people in dry zones of Myanmar to access water for consumption, hygiene and irrigation. He further stressed the critical role NGOs play in covering the needs of the populace that might otherwise be overlooked by the local government.



The students of ASMS empathized greatly with the situation in Myanmar, and asked what they could do to help while avoiding risks such as cyber-crime and human trafficking. Addressing these concerns, Bishop Shaw encouraged the students to support the people of Myanmar through reliable channels such as the LWC, personally observe environmental conservation practices, and to spread awareness through the wide array of social platforms available to them.

Since 2010, The Amity Foundation’s Living Water Campaign has been raising public awareness of the global water crisis and helping to implement water projects in countries such as Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Kenya. In line with the principles of the Belt and Road Initiative, Amity continues to reach out globally in hopes of creating a better shared future for all.