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Annual Report 2021 has been published

The English version of Amity’s Annual Report 2021 has been published and is available online.

In 2021, against the backdrop of an extended COVID-19 pandemic, the world struggled through another year of economic downturn and escalating conflicts, all of which have added great uncertainties to the already difficult times. Under the leadership of the Amity board, every single Amity staff member contributed greatly to fulfilling Amity’s mission inspiring millions of individual supporters and more than one hundred companies to make donations to 366 philanthropic projects initiated by Amity and NGO partners over the past year.

These projects could not have been accomplished without the support of volunteers. In 2021, 15,000 people registered as Amity volunteers. Beyond expectations, and despite Covid-related restrictions, Amity was able to host 61 events and activities throughout the year. Total donations received for Amity’s work in 2021 reached a new peak of RMB 434 million, an equivalent of over USD 65 million.

In their message of 2021, Chair of the Board Qiu Zhonghui and General Secretary Ling Chunxiang stressed the importance of unity in pursuing a shared future of justice and peace:

We anticipate a shared future imbued with justice and righteousness. “Let justice roll down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream”. In a world with unprecedented challenges and difficulties, we are committed to unite our efforts, and to work together with all our partners, at home and abroad, for a world of justice and peace.”

More information, figures, milestones, and project reports are highlighted in Amity’s Annual Report 2021, which can be accessed and downloaded here.