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Amity builds Online Platform to coordinate volunteer efforts under COVID-19

As spring draws to a close, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the world at large. March saw the spread of the Omicron variant across major cities in Mainland China. Without a moment to spare, the Amity Foundation sprang into action, partnering with a multitude of partner organizations in order to raise funds and manpower to help combat the latest outbreak.

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In tandem with Shanghai Rende Foundation and local partners, Amity launched an integrated online platform for volunteers on 10th April. The platform aims to aid volunteer organizations fighting the pandemic in Shanghai through 5 key features.

Firstly, requests for supplies and aid can be submitted and collected through the platform. Secondly, the platform supports the purchase and delivery of supplies such as masks, protective clothing and food. Thirdly, volunteers can register for duty through the platform. Fourth, records of donations can be easily accessed. Finally, a hot-line for psychological care is also available.

Since its launch, the platform has facilitated the registration of over 500 volunteers who have provided aid to over 30,000 citizens in Shanghai. Volunteers are delivering N95 masks and protective gear to frontline workers and hospitals. Encouraged by the success of this operation, Amity has launched similar online platforms to meet the needs of citizens in Jiangsu and Jilin provinces.