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Amity staff doing live-broadcasting featuring Amity's development work and follow jade processing vocational training

More than 9,000 viewers join Amity’s live broadcast

The Amity Foundation’s Communication and Advocacy team organized a live broadcasting project exposure over the last week. More than 9,000 viewers joined the live broadcast, which featured the Amity future engineer project and Amity multi-functional teaching room project, in remote parts of Yunnan province.

Amity staff accompanied students of a vocational school, which provides occupational training and is located in a remote and underdeveloped area of Yunnan Province at the border to Myanmar. The live broadcast followed the daily school life of students from difficult backgrounds who receive financial subsidies from Amity. While the school trains various professions, the live-broadcast followed the occupation of jade processing, which attracted more than 9,000 viewers.

Another broadcasting live-stream exposed Amity’s multi-functional teaching room project. The project finances special teaching rooms in rural schools. The project targets left-behind children and improves the quality of education by providing creative and innovative means of learning. “Live-broadcasting is the trend here in the mainland. It is very very popular. So we came up with the idea to broadcast our projects in remote areas that not everyone can go personally,” explains Luyi, Amity staff of the Communication team. “Everybody is doing live-broadcasting now. If you don’t do that nobody will follow you. Although social services are a niche for live-broadcasting, we will continue doing it!”