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Amity Hosts Exchange with United Bible Societies

On March 22, 2023, Reverend Dirk Gevers, Secretary General of United Bible Societies (UBS) and his colleagues visited Amity’s Headquarters in Nanjing. They were warmly received by Amity Board Chair Qiu Zhonghui and Vice Chair Gu Chuanyong, and sat down for a friendly and extensive exchange.

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Mr. Qiu expressed his sincere welcome to Rev. Gevers and his entourage for their second visit after three years. Subsequently, Amity Assistant Secretary General Zheng Wei outlined Amity’s development and operations in recent years, and described Amity’s social services, project fund-raising, overseas exchanges and recent rescue work in the earthquake in Türkiye.

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Mr. Qiu Zhonghui, Board Chair of Amity Foundation

Moved by the sharing session, Rev. Gevers praised Amity’s achievements and innovative spirit. He hopes that Amity’s experience in online fundraising and social services can be shared globally, such that more social organizations can benefit from Amity’s example.

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Reverend Dirk Gevers, General Secretary of United Bibles Society

Mr. Qiu, recalling the 30 years of cooperation between Amity and UBS, emphasized that the two parties have always operated on equal ground and mutual respect for each other. He thanked UBS for supporting Amity through the years, and hopes that this precious relationship can continue to grow for generations to come.

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Mr. Gu Chuanyong, Vice Board Chair of Amity Foundation

Mr. Gu was especially excited to meet colleagues from UBS again after the COVID-19 pandemic. He hopes for his friends abroad to learn more about China and Chinese stories, and for Amity Foundation to reach out internationally to help more people in need.