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An Open Letter to All Amity Teachers

The Amity Foundation is looking for former Amity English teachers! Since 1985, the Amity Foundation has placed thousands of English teachers to serve in China. Now, we want to reconnect and look back on this historical program. If you are a former Amity teacher please get in touch with us and spread the information to more teachers you might know! Please contact:

Dear Amity teachers,

Cordial greetings from Amity Foundation, Nanjng, China!

35 years ago, as one of the few channels for the rest of the world to understand about China, the newly established Amity started with foreign language teachers programme. The first 22 foreign teachers joined Amity Foundation, took part in this historical programme by teaching foreign languages, mostly English in Chinese universities and colleges for future teachers.

Powered by their strong commitment and firm belief of serving in China, many Amity teachers were extremely dedicated to their work and have received overwhelming welcome by the locals. The programme itself becomes one of the most popular ones and is a name card of Amity.

Amity teachers play an important role in the development of Amity Foundation. They have witnessed not only the development of Amity, but also the same of China. Not that they were only spectators, but they were elements and contributors of the changes.

2021 marks the 36th year of Amity teachers’ programme. Although we have expanded and transformed our Education programme to meet the changing needs of society, Amity teachers programme remains to be a highlight of Amity’s programme work. In order to conclude the programme over the last three decades, to pay tribute to the contributions to China’s language education and development and to reflect on Amity’s role in the process, we’d like to invite our former teachers to contribute articles to Amity Website and Amity Outlook, a quarterly bullet into reflect:

⚫ The teaching career in China

⚫ Life in China

⚫ Development and change witnessed

We’ll appreciate it if Amity teachers could include

1. A brief introduction of yourself as an Amity teacher/sending agency representative(year,place, school, subject taught, teaching partners, if any etc.)

2. Story(ies) on your teaching/living in China, friendship built with Chinese teachers, students and local community;

3. high quality photos on your teaching and living in China.

Passages are not restricted for any number of words, but genuine expressions are essential. Wishes for the schools and people are also welcomed.

We are not able to approach many other former Amity teachers, who have taught in China since 1985 for a number of reasons. Quite a number of teachers in 1980s and 1990s did not use emails at the time making it difficult to approach them. We would appreciate it if you could help circulate the letter to Amity teachers you know so that they also have opportunities to make contributions if they wish.

As Chinese New Year is approaching, we’d like to wish all our Amity teachers a very happy and healthy year of the Ox. May peace, joy and health be with you and family all the time.

With all good wishes,

She Hongyu

Associate General Secretary

Amity Foundation