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Amity's Chair Mr Qiu is giving a speech at the China Foundation Forum

Amity hosts a forum on the future of social organizations in the post-pandemic era

On November 23, Amity hosted a co-forum on the topic of future cooperation of social organizations in the post-pandemic era. The forum, themed “Transforming with trends, Partnering for the future, Foundations facing the challenge” was hosted in the course of the China Foundation Forum 2020.

Amity co-host a forum on the future of Chinese Social Organizations

Amity’s General Secretary Ling Chunxiang pointed out the important contribution of social organizations in containing Covid-19. On the other hand, Ms Ling emphasized the severe challenges caused by the pandemic to the survival, further development and daily work of social organizations. Amity invited experts and scholars from academia and public welfare to discuss how social organizations can work together to overcome difficulties.

Panel discussion among experts on Amity's co-hosted forum