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Amity's Annual Report 2019 is published

Annual Report 2019 published

Regardless of the volatility around the world, as Amity staff, we will firmly devote ourselves to remaining steadfast in mission, assuming responsibility with passion, responding bravely to challenges, and reaching for new heights. It has always been our goal to pass on love and goodwill to every corner of the world and bring light to everyone’s heart!” writes Chair of the Board Mr. Qiu and General Secretary Ms Ling in Amity’s Annual Report 2019.

Do you know that Amity does not only raise funds for its own projects, but assisted more than 330 organizations to raise 68 million RMB of funds during the “9/9 Day of Giving” in 2019?

If you want to know more on Amity’s work in general and in particular in 2019, download and read the electronic version of our Annual Report which is published now. The Annual Report 2019 can be accessed in our Media Center.

The Annual Report features Facts&Figures, Milestones, Flagship Projects, and Project Reports reports among others. For transparency purposes, project reports are categorized within the Sustainable Development Goals scheme. Furthermore, the Annual Report exposes the work of Amity’s regional and international offices and provides many stories of staff, volunteers, and beneficiaries from various projects and programs.