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Amity Outlook

Amity Outlook published: 200 Million Bibles by Amity

On November 11, the Amity Foundation celebrated printing of its 200 millionths Bible in Nanjing. Over 200 dignitaries and honorary guests from overseas and China, including church leaders, government officials and partners from the printing sector, took part in the festivities. The theme was Centenary of the Union, commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the Chinese Union Version (CUV) of the Chinese Bible. Amity Outlook No.30 reports about the festivities and Amity’s Bible Ministry.

The celebrations also included the Bible exhibition and a workshop on the theme of Chinese Bible and Christian Sinicization. In the exhibition more than 300 Bibles, including Catholic translations from the late Ming Dynasty and many extraordinary Bibles printed by the Amity Printing Company were displayed.

The Amity Outlook is a quarterly publication reporting on the projects of the Amity Foundation and communicating the news related to the Protestant churches in China.