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Social Welfare

  • A female teacher is teaching sign language to students
  • An overseas care expert playing with a kid at the Amity children development center
  • A young deaf boy and a girl riding a tandem bicycle at Amity's integration program
  • A volunteer interacting with a young girl during a performance of the

The program serves the disadvantaged groups, especially providing holistic care for abandoned babies, children with disabilities, and adolescents in welfare homes, for the purpose of promoting the development of child care, special education, and rehabilitation medical professions and advocating a philosophy of development equality. Through Amity Bilingual Program for the Hearing Impaired, children with hearing disabilities obtain equal education and train teachers for advanced concepts and techniques in special education. Amity Foster Care Project delivers family warmth to children. Amity grandparents care for orphans and children with disabilities in welfare centers with their great patience and love.

Recent Developments:

In 2019, the team cooperated with over 30 social welfare institutions and special education schools across the country to serve people with disabilities and children at risk. The team also built platforms for child caring service providers for exchanges on children’s services, rights protection and carried out training. The team joined hands with Jiangsu Disabled Persons’ Federation and the Brain Hospital to hold a seminar on autism, on which experts from home and abroad were invited to exchange experience on intervention techniques. With the help from multiple fundraising platforms and partners, the team actively expanded its implementation on over 60 projects including education support, girls protection, assistants and service for children at risk, autism treatment and rehabilitation, leprosy rehabilitation, and inclusion and development for community challenged groups. These projects covered 16 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions including Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan, directly benefiting 20,000 people and indirectly benefiting tens of thousands indirectly.


1. During the 99 Giving Day, the team cooperated with 29 organizations. Among all the online
fundraising projects, Education Support in the West and Education Support in Western Sichuan
Province raised more than RMB 8.5 million within three days.

2. The team carried out a “Deaf Culture Studio” project with Bozhou Special Education School in
Anhui Province to pursue the research and development of deaf culture and sign language. The team also cooperated with Nanjing Deaf Association to promote inclusion activities and volunteer training.

3. The team cooperated with Jingdezhen City Social Welfare Center and Bethel China to carry out the “Building of Special Needs Student Growth Center” project. Through establishing special classrooms, the project worked to promote the inclusion of students with disabilities.


"To care and serve people with disabilities and children in difficult circumstances, guarding their rights to live, to develop and to participate in society."