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Education and International Exchange

  • Overseas volunteers doing Tai Chi with Chinese masters
  • Amity volunteers participating in the international youth exchange in Europe
  • Overseas volunteers interacting with students in Amity's social service learning program
  • Overseas volunteers teaching students in Gansu during their gap year
  • Overseas volunteers baking cookies with Amity Bakery staff
  • Overseas volunteers with high school students in remote regions of China
  • Overseas volunteers baking cookies with Amity Bakery staff
  • Cambodian students riding to their school which is supported by Amity
  • Overseas students and Chinese students playing Chinese instruments together
  • Overseas volunteers doing traditional Chinese papercuts in a village in China

Amity Foundation carries out international exchange programs such as long-term and short-term English teacher training programs and service-learning programs, to introduce advanced concepts from abroad to promote education fairness. We hope, through volunteering exchanges and experience, that international and Chinese volunteers would have a better understanding of the Chinese society and international communities respectively and that Chinese volunteers would be more capable to participate in international activities. The programs aim to exchange and share Chinese and foreign culture and to contribute to the communication and peace around the world. Our programs have introduced ten-thousands of foreign teachers to teach at Chinese colleges and universities.

Recent Developments:

In 2019, education and international exchange projects, with presence in over 10 foreign countries, attracted international volunteers of different ages to participate in service areas such as service-learning, language teaching, cultural exchanges and community building. The projects promoted friendly exchanges between youth in China and abroad, with over 10,000 beneficiaries.


1. Under the support of the Stiftung Mercator GmbH, the team implemented a China- Germany Youth Exchange Project on Art and Culture. For the purpose of encouraging and supporting students interested in cross-border culture and art exchanges, the project facilitated learning on the national music arts of different countries through experiential learning to promote friendly folk exchanges.

2. The Amity International Education Development Project (Cambodia) was launched. For the first time, Amity recruited volunteers from China to work overseas to provide volunteer services in local areas and supported infrastructure construction for local primary schools.

3. The team cooperated with the community of Laomendong, a famous scenic spot area in Nanjing, and established it as “International Volunteer Community Service Base”. Volunteers from Britain, the United States, Japan and other countries have participated in the service-learning activities there.

4. Attempts were made to care for the left-behind children, urban migrant children, children with autism and other groups from aspects of facilities and mental health. Art therapy and other methods were used in the process.


"To promote international exchanges across different cultures with efforts to safeguard world peace."