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Nepal COVID-19 Appeal

For the cost of a meal, you can save a starving person in Nepal

The COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal has been spreading out of control since late April 2021. The Nepalese government has to impose large-scale lockdowns to curb further deterioration of the current situation, thus forcing many Nepalese people, especially the migrant workers and their poor families into starvation.

“The first wave of COVID-19 put a lot of poor rural people in debt. Before they could even recoup, a more serious second spike is taking lives and livelihoods away from them again. Vulnerable to multiple lockdowns for such a long time, people here are dying less from COVID than from starvation,” said Mr. Rabindra Das, representative of Transform Nepal and one of Amity’s local partner organizations in the country.

Amity Foundation Hong Kong is working with Transform Nepal to provide food and hygiene items to poor families in Nepal who are suffering starvation due to the COVID lockdowns. Every HK$60 can provide a whole month food ration for one starving person.

The COVID pandemic seems to improve in many rich countries recently. But no one would be safe until everyone is safe. Amity Foundation Hong Kong is thus appealing for your compassion and generous donation to help some people in Nepal to survive this crisis.

Inquiry: (Tel) 2723 8011 (e-mail)

(Picture: Emergency relief by the Amity Foundation and Transform Nepal during the first wave in 2020)