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volunteers loading relief supplies from a storage hall onto trucks

Amity starts large scale relief program for Henan floods – update!

Update of Amity’s Henan flood response (28 July)

According to reports as of July 27, heavy rainfall continued in Henan Province and has affected over 13 million people in 150 counties. The death toll rises quickly and has reached 71. In addition to human casualties million hectares of crop and infrastructure has been destroyed leaving million people in need for life-saving emergency supplies.

From 21 July until now, the Amity Foundation has raised more than 20 million RMB for the people suffering and provided disaster assistance to Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Xinxiang, Hebi, Xuchang and Anyang in Henan Province. The relief goods distributed include among others: 1,535,800 bottles of drinking water, 310,424 self-heating rice packages, 172,920 packages of instant noodles, 1,000 kg of rice, 124,340 kg of noodles, 60,000 masks, 3,000 towels, 1,863 flashlights,3,810 rain coats, 500 folding beds, 20,000 bags, 82 water pumps, 15 electric generators, 1,100 life jackets, 974 litres and 17,280 kg of disinfections and 24,000 bactericide.

Amity has dispatched 7 staff to the affected regions who are overseeing Amity’s relief distribution program, assessing the situation and coordinating with local partners and volunteers. According to the needs of the people, Amity continues to support the people suffering in Henan with needed emergency relief supplies.

Update of Amity’s Henan flood response (25 July)

Up to 4PM July 24 (Beijing time), the heavy rainfall inundating Henan Province had made 9.4 million people in and in 137 counties (cities, districts) in the province suffer. The death toll had risen to 58 and there are 5 people missing. More than 0.8 million people had been evacuated, and over 1 million resettled. The population in need of emergency relief assistance reached 0.45 million.

The Amity Foundation launched a disaster relief response in the early morning of July 21 and dispatched four employees to Henan for rescue on the 22nd.

  1. Transit depots

Up to July 24, some areas in Xinxiang and Hebi city are still inaccessible due to traffic interruption caused by the deadly floods. With the help of Amity local partners, Amity Foundation found two transit depots in Xinxiang and Hebi. With the transit depots, large quantities of supplies such as 48,000 boxes of self-cooking meal, 40,000 boxes of milk, 264,000 bottles of drinking water, 1,055 pairs of socks and 314 pairs of underwear had been delivered from different places to the warehouses. After road traffic resumes, Amity will deliver the supplies to these areas as soon as possible.

  1. Supplies delivered:

Apart from supplies stored in the transit depots, Amity has more supplies delivered directly to other affected areas in Henan Province, including drinking water and food, and life necessities.