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Guangzhou Philantrophy Development Center, Logo

  • Amity's chairman Mr. Qiu Zhonghui talking during a panel discussion
  • Group photo during a training for online fundraising

In June 2016, Guangzhou Amity Philanthropy Development Center, initiated by Amity Foundation, was officially established. The Center is committed to meeting the needs of NGO development and establishing a resource-sharing platform to provide support for NGOs. We also provide management, training, and consulting services on philanthropy activities and projects. Since its inception, the Center has assisted social organizations in raising funds through the Internet, and organizes capacity building training for social organizations.

Recent Developments:

Bearing the idea of “sustainable development” in mind, in 2019, Guangzhou Amity Philanthropy Development Center (GAPD) expanded the business to include fundraising, sector training and brand cooperation through in-depth cooperation with the government, companies, media and social organizations. Innovative practices were made in venture philanthropy, media advocacy, corporate cooperation, offline activities, and social enterprises. In addition, GAPD continued to provide value-added services to partners. In 2019, GAPD raised a total of RMB 12.07 million throughout the year, with an increase of 15.4% year-on-year in fund support for individual projects.


1. Throughout the year, GAPD cooperated with Tencent Charity, Alipay Charity, Taobao Charity and other platforms on 109 projects for 75 organizations. By online and offline one-to-one consultation service, GAPD provided partners with targeted and specialized services including project design, fundraising planning, brand communication, and community operation.

2. GAPD further updated its flagship training courses, with a focus on topics including social innovation and social enterprises. The courses highlighted social practices that are valuable, influential and innovative, with an aim to create an open and shared platform for cross-sector cooperation and to explore new modes on sustainable social innovation. The “online + offline” trainings offered both sector knowledge and practical experiences, attracting 1,354 people of 661 organizations in total.

3. GAPD made in-depth cooperation with governments, companies, media and other cross-sector forces, in order to create influential events. Among all the events, Citywide Appealing for Charity attracted nearly one hundred organizations and companies. From “Organization Training”, “Company Salon”, “Themed Summit”, to “offline Scenario” and “Online Communication”, GAPD assisted 30 high-quality projects in raising RMB 4.64 million on Tencent 99 Giving Days, during which GAPD mobilized 92,000 people and covered 4,200 outlets in shopping malls and communities. Social media news of event-related activity were shared over 5 million times.