Exchange Programs

Amity is running several exchange programs aimed at the involvement of overseas friends and partner organizations all over the world to serve the needy and creating mutual understanding.

At the present these include:

Education is working both-ways

Karl Theodor Jaspers once interpreted the philosophy of education in a thought-provoking way: Education is a tree shaking another tree, another cloud to promote a cloud, a soul awakening another soul. For our Amity teachers, young volunteers from home and abroad, as well as Amity staff who serve with the Education and International Exchange Division, to teach is to learn, and to offer is to gain. Those who participate actively in this dynamic exchange process, not only can serve others with their knowledge and transferable skills, but also can cultivate a stronger sense of values, ethics, and civic engagement. For all participants, there is always a possibility to a more exciting and meaningful life which would also contribute to a better society.

Amity Teachers Program

Amity teachers come from abroad to serve from one to two years and are generally placed in teacher- training institutes in smaller cities of western China. Amity teachers teach English and western culture to their students who will be primary and middle school teachers in rural areas. (link)

Summer English Program

The Amity Summer English Program invites volunteers from overseas to provide oral English training and to demonstrate teaching methodology to Chinese English teachers from less developed areas.(link)

Summer English Program Hong Kong

The Amity Summer English Program Hong Kong invites volunteers from Hong Kong to provide oral English training and teaching methodology to Chinese English teachers from less developed areas. (link)

Young Adults Program

Amity’s Young Adults Program is an exchange program providing opportunities for Young Adults from overseas to come to China for one year. They are assigned to tech English in Schools in parts of China that are lesser developed. These young adult volunteers teach oral English in middle schools, while studying Chinese language and culture. (link)

Service-Learning Program

Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates relevant community services with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, encourage lifelong civic engagement, and strengthen communities for the common good. (link)

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Educational Exchange Programs

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