China’s National Charity Day: Unleash philanthropic energy

About 400 participants attended the Philantrophy Innovation Summit 2017

In China, corporate donations amount to 70% of public donations while individual donations amount to less than 20%. This is opposite compared to developed countries. In order to boost philanthropic awareness and engagement, on China’s National Charity Day, the Amity Foundation teamed up with various partners, organized the Philanthropy Innovation Summit 2017 and participated in the Tencent 9/9 Charity Day.

On September 5, China’s National Charity Day, the “Philanthropy Innovation Summit 2017” was held at the Suning headquarters in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The summit, which was co-organized by the Amity Foundation, received strong recognition from the government, various social organizations, enterprises and the public.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the hot topics

Experts discussing new trends of the sector

The “Philanthropy Innovation Summit 2017” aims to build a platform for enterprises and encourage them to get involved in the philanthropic undertakings and find resources to support non-governmental organizations. The summit attracted hundreds of social organizations and funding enterprises across the country.  About 400 entrepreneurs, social organization representatives and other dignitaries attended the summit, which was covered by more than 20 media companies. How to respond to the most challenging social issues and what is the impact of online charity on corporate social responsibility? These were some of the questions raised in a group discussion. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) was one of the hot topics during this summit. Attendees discussed new methods of promoting innovations and how to create a healthy environment for philanthropy in China.

Expressing gratitude to long-term supporters

Mr. Qiu Zhonghui, General Secretary of Amity adresses the audience

The summit was targeting entrepreneurs and social organizations in the Yangtze River area. The organizers expected to stimulate innovation, encourage participation, boost the philanthropic spirit and promote ecological awareness. During the summit, Xu Yongguang, Chairman of Narada Foundation, Yuan Yafei, Chair of SanPower Group, Cheng Gang, Vice Executive Chair of China Foundation Center, among others, gave speeches on subjects, such as: prospects and limitations among philanthropy and businesses. To express gratitude towards more than 100 companies for their long-term support, trust and contribution to social work, the organizers bestowed "Corporate Social Responsibility Awards" and "Responsibility Media Awards" to them. A special prize was awarded to Suning Commerce Group Co., ltd. for "Outstanding Contribution for Social Responsibilities".

Social enterprises need support to scale-up


A social project is introduced through a drama play

Since 2009, social enterprises in China have developed rapidly. Nowadays, several well-established social enterprises try to find in-depth management training, development support and funds to expand their scale and improve social services. However, many commercial investors focus mainly on profits rather than actual needs of social enterprises and the needs of the society. The lack of capital has become a major bottleneck that prevents social enterprises to expand their services to more needy people. During the summit, a social enterprises association was founded. The Association aims to foster the development of social enterprises and organizations in China complementary to the government, social enterprises should become a force to solve societal challenges and provide social services on behalf of the government. Apart from the keynote speeches, and roundtable discussions, the summit also invited practitioners to share their experiences. New and innovative social enterprises and projects were introduced to theme as e.g. “child abuse prevention”, “psychological care for the elderly” or “3D printing of prosthesis”. The further development of philanthropy in China needs the contribution from all societal sectors. An effective use to solve social challenges involve wide participation and cooperation as well as innovative, sustainable and cooperative strategies.

The Tencent 9/9 Charity Day

The Tencent 9/9 Charity Day became an important date in China

The Philanthropy Innovation Summit 2017 was held over the course of the Tencent 9/9 Charity Day. This is a period of three days, initiated by the Tencent Foundation, where social organizations and NGOs are encouraged to do online fundraising on the Tencent crowdfunding platform. Donations can be matched by the Tencent Foundation up to the total amount of 299.99 million Yuan. Other companies and organizations provided matching funds as well. The Amity Foundation is entitled to support smaller grassroots NGOs to promote their projects on the Tencent platform. In 2017, Amity supported 454 organizations promoting 652 projects, receiving donations from more than 450,000 people. The Rende Foundation, an affiliated organization of Amity in Shanghai, which also co-organized the summit, supported 192 organizations by establishing fundraising for 278 projects, spurring 395,000 people to action. They donated more than 40 million Yuan for charitable causes within three days. China Development Brief reports that on the third 9/9 Philantrophy Day, 1.3 billion Yuan were donated and 12.68 million donors supported 6,466 charitable projects in total. In the 2017 CAF World Giving Index by the Charities Aid Foundation, China was still ranked as the second least generous country.